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Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
. the nation remains deeply divided. the president won re-election nor did congress thanks to the power of incumbents to raise money and gerrymander districts. most of the old crowd has returned to a gallop poll that gives them a 14% approval rating. at one point during the iraq war, george bush's people unfullerred the banner saying the mission accomplished a declaration proved famously premature. i think we have learned since then not to jump to conclusions and i guess that's progress. but being a romantic come inaugural day i'll feel the old excitement again. yet what i've seen lately i have to say in all honesty not just yet. some stations are leaving us now but for most of us, we'll be right back with more from general mcchrystal and a lot more. stay with us. ♪ using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >> schieffer: welcome back to face the nation. we're here and we want
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
can say is she better write fast. [laugh track laughter] - ever since you were elected to the safety patrol, you've been driving us crazy. danny and monk: you're like a mad dictator. - no, i'm not. - yes, you are. - let me guess, you never miss a rerun. - yes, you are. - reruns? [blows whistle] - are you telling me you know ever line of dialogue but you haven't seen an episode in 35 years? - not crazy, just a fan. - i'm proud of you for wanting to keep people safe, honey, but here at home, that's my job. you don't want to put me out of work, do you? - i never thought of it like that. i guess danny was right. i let all that power go to my head. i'm sorry, dad. i let you down. [audience awws] [rock music plays] - danny's playing that music again. better go have a talk with him. mr. cooper and monk: can i borrow your sash? - sure, dad. [audience awws] - he was such a great dad. what was he like, you know, in real life? was he nice? - you haven't read my book, have you? - no, not yet. i can't wait. oh, listen, let's watch the babysitter episode. could we please? i love the part where you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2